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  Sample Reports
  HR & Payroll

Employee Registers

Employee Registers can be taken as a simple list or department wise. The reports are available for all employees or with Active/Leave/Left criteria along with the contract status like Regular/Temporary etc.

1.      Employee Register � with address

2.      Employee Register � without address

3.      Employee List With ID Card Details

4.      Employee List With Labour Card Details

5.      Employee List With Passport Details

6.      Employee List With Visa Details

7.      Employee List with Driving License Details 

Document Expiry Reports

Gives details of the Documents in Employee master that are getting expired for the period entered. 

1.     Document Expiry Details All

2.      Document Expiry Details �Passport

3.      Document Expiry Details �Visa

4.      Document Expiry Details -Labour Card

5.      Document Expiry Details � Driving License

6.      Document Expiry Details -With Dependants

 Salary Reports

This report gives basic information of the employees along with the basic salary details also. This also can be taken for Active/Leave/Left employees for Regular/Temporary employment status.

1.      Salary Details � List (Employee ID):

Simple salary list ordered by Employee ID without categorization.

2.      Salary � Basic Details (Department wise)

Salary Master information with all details category wise

3.      List of Bank Accounts

Bank accounts information list

4.      Salary revision report

List of salary revisions which are the latest updated

5.      Salary history of Employees

Listing the history of revision for each employee.

            6.   Salary Approval Sheet

Payroll Reports 

  1. Payroll check List
  2. Monthly Payroll Report (Detailed)

Monthly payroll detailed report categorized in departments

  1. Payroll � Cash Summary

Payroll details of employees paid by cash

  1. Payroll - Bank Summary

Payroll details of employees transferred to bank

  1. Pay slips

Pay slips of employees for the month. Pay slips can be prepared for all employees or Cash only.

  1. Salary sheet

Salary sheet of employees to get signature of employees if pay slips are not prepared.

  1. Salary-Bank Transfer
  2. Salary-Bank Transfer � List
  3. Payroll monthly consolidated � Employee wise

Consolidated report for each employee listing  all the months in the given period.

  1. Payroll consolidated � for a period

Summary report for all months in one line for an employee.

  1. Loan slip
  2. Loans & Advances List
  3. Loans & advances - Recoveries
  4. Denomination Analysis for Payroll/Check List

 Leave Reports

            1.      List of Employees on Leave

2.      Leave Register

3.      Leave History & Status

Settlements & Benefits

1.      Leave/Final/Encashment settlement sheet

2.      Leave terminal settlements- Detailed Report

3.      Leave terminal settlements- Employee Summary

4.      Leave terminal settlements- Summary List

5.      Leave salary � Provisions

6.      Gratuity � Provisions

7.      Air Passage - Provisions

Project analysis with Salary

            Allocation of salary in Projects

1.    Payroll � Job wise Breakup

            2.   Payroll � Project wise Employee wise Reports


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