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Practice Management  
(for Legal Consultancy Firms)  
Information at your finger tips! Be it your Clients, Case Status, Staff Assignment, Time Analysis, Invoicing, Performance Analysis ...

ProMIS Practice Management System is designed and developed specifically for Legal Consultancy firms to manage their assignments efficiently and to ensure proper billing and productivity analysis.

In a Legal Consultancy firm, the time spent by the Lawyers on each case plays a crucial role in determining the overall profitability. This is because the available time is limited and billing will depend on that. ProMIS provides the necessary tools to monitor the time spent by lawyers on cases and generate MIS reports accordingly.

Client Information

Maintains all relevant details regarding clients, including address and contact details, owners and other officials, essential Business Information etc. Categorizes the client information records based on organizational and business types.

Client Allotment

Clients can be allotted to individual lawyers who will be responsible for the overall liaison with the client. If the lawyer assigned to the client is changed, system will provide a history of such changes. Client allotment helps to generate Lawyer wise Client Aging reports.


This includes basic information on cases like case number, classification into pre-defined groups, fees type, lumpsum value, confirmation date etc. Cases can be allotted to individual lawyers.
Time Sheets

Time sheet entry enables to productivity and profitability analysis of each case. Lawyers can login to the system and enter their own timesheet on cases. An automatic timer option is also provided to calculate the time spent on the case. The timesheet can include any activity carried out with respect to the case. The administrative dept. can monitor the timesheets posted to server. The finance dept. can invoice the clients based on the timesheets.


Invoicing can be based on the time spent for the cases. Invoices can be for full timesheet, for a selected period, for a particular lawyer, all lawyers, monthly for retention clients or lumpsum.
Activity History

The summary information regarding case hearing date, judgments, appeals etc. can be entered into the system. This can be used for tracking the case history or for the purpose of getting alerts on future events well in advance.

Key Features:

* Can be implemented as an independent system or integrated with complete ERP solution with Accounts and HR.
* MIS reports on productivity and profitability.
* Employee wise, Case wise and Client wise reports
* Reports could be customized.

Optional Features:

* Timesheets could be web-enabled so that the lawyers can enter the timesheets online from anywhere at their  convenience. This data could be periodically downloaded, verified and updated to server.
* SMS alerts on activity reminders or at pre-defined events.

MIS Reports include:

  Case Analysis Reports:

* Actual time spent
* Invoiced Hours
* Time remaining for invoicing
* Hours written off
* Actual cost and Invoiced cost comparison

  Lawyer wise Analysis Reports:
* Lawyer wise income contribution
* Lawyer wise time analysis report on cases
* Productivity Analysis report
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