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  Educational Information System  
  (for Colleges, Schools & Training Institutes)  
  ProMIS Educational Information System is a comprehensive solution for Colleges, Schools & Training Institutes to effectively manage Academic as well as Financial information.

Educational Information System is integrated with Student Registration & Fees, Attendance, Assignments, Grading & Transcript Preparation, Time Table, Financial Accounting, Budgeting, HR & Payroll, Inventory Control (for Stores), Fixed Asset Management etc.

Moreover, ProMIS Software can be customized specifically for each institution according to their policies and procedures.

Admission Process

The process of admission includes Enquiry from students for admission to a specific program, Selection based on marks/grades in the qualifying exams, Admission of the selected students, Creation of student file, Student Advisor allocation, Registration of Modules/Courses for the semester etc. The fee payable can be determined based on the modules/courses registered and sponsorship status of the student.

Student Database

Manages student data including admission details, address, contact details of parents/ guardian, email, nationality, language, gender, religion, sponsorship details etc.

Fees Management

Integrated with the FA module, the Fees Management module handles fee calculation, monitoring the collections, print fees receipts, track defaulters and provides necessary MIS reports. Ministry billing for sponsored students, concessions and modifications in fees due to changes in course etc. are included. The Student sub ledger reflects all fees related transactions.


Assignments for each semester could be pre-defined. The Marks/Grades entry for assignments could be done by the Faculty/Teachers based on the permission settings. Detailed reports for Student Performance Analysis.

Grading & Transcript

The grading and transcript preparation is based on the specific rules followed by the organization. It is designed to define Grading Policies, GPA settings etc. Prepares Grade Sheet, Semester Grade Report, Transcripts and Rank lists.

Time Table

Allows to generate time table based on the parameters and pre-defined rules like Class Timings, Class Rooms availability, Teachers and subjects, Lecture/Lab definitions, pre-definitions for Courses/Teachers etc. Once generated, time table could be accessed Semester/Batch/Course/Student/Teacher wise.


Student attendance could be tracked on an ongoing basis and alerts are triggered for shortage of attendance at pre-defined levels. Warning letters could be issued to absentees (or sponsors/parents).

Library Management

Comprehensive library module to manage Books and other resources like Audio/Video tapes, CDs, Maps, Drawings, Catalogs etc. Books master supported with barcodes and Author/Publisher/Member masters. Besides the books issue/return transactions, the system allows to search based on various criteria and reserve books in circulation.

Web Enabling & SMS

Web enabling will integrate online student registration with the system and provides online access to monitor attendance, marks/grades, fees payment status etc.

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