Sms Solutions  
  ProMIS SMS Module can be integrated with the ProMIS ERP or Business  Suite or can be implemented as an independent application.

Messaging Interface
It can be implemented as a desktop application or web based solution enabling the users to send single or bulk messages. SMS can be sent through direct GSM mobile/modem interface or internet based interface.

GSM/Modem Interface A mobile phone with modem support could be directly connected to PC/Laptop for sending the SMS. The normal SMS charges will be applicable.

Connection: Connect the phone through the data cable and configure the software by providing its Port No. 

Direct Messages
In case of sending single messages, it is simple to enter the GSM numbers or select from the phone book and type the message directly.

The integrated phonebook provides an easy way to store unlimited number of contacts organized in various categories. In this case the contact name could be selected directly from a list while sending the messages.

Group Messages
It may be required to send the same messages to a specific group. The category option in the phonebook allows to organize the contacts groupwise and the Group Messaging option allows to choose the required group and to send the SMS.

Scheduling & Events
Messages can be scheduled to be delivered on pre-defined dates. Messages could also be configured to be triggered on pre-defined events like Birthday, Anniversary etc. to all or selected contacts in the phonebook.

Message Logs
Logs of messages sent and its delivery status will be available.  

Integrated SMS Solution
The SMS module can be closely integrated with the ProMIS Software.
Advantages of the integration with ProMIS Software:
* The existing database of contacts in the ProMIS system could be utilized for SMS without the need to manage a separate phonebook.
* The contacts could be the Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Students, Members etc. depending upon the ProMIS application implemented.
* Phonebook could be used for additional entries.
* Customized SMS could be configured based on the user requirements like:
In an accounting system, this could be a payment reminder to all customers customized with account balance and due dates automatically.
* In College/School systems this could be Student Attendance warnings, Marks, Academic notifications, Payment reminders, Library book return/availability notices etc.
* Alerts could be defined to notify the concerned personnel through SMS when pre-defined events are triggered like:
* Alert the Project Manager on excess spending on projects.
* PDCs to be deposited to bank.
* Visa/Passport/Resident card renewals overdue.
Internet Interface
The application can be configured to send SMS through interface provided by the SMS provider. The interface and setup need to be customized as per the provider requirements.
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