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Fleet & Workshop Management  
ProMIS Fleet Management System simplifies the task of monitoring the details of vehicles including the vehicle movement, maintenance and fuel analysis.

Vehicle Master
Details of vehicles owned by the company will be stored in the Vehicle Master. This includes Vehicle Code No., Description, Registration No., Model and Make, Date of Registration, Expiry date of registration, Insurance Policy No., Policy Terms, Insurance Company, Insured Date, Date of expiry of Insurance policy, Engine Number, Chassis Number, Mileage (Kilometers per litre – KPL), Allowed Variance, Fuel Capacity, Fuel Type, Date of Purchase, Purchase Value, Supplier Name, Total Kilometers etc.

Usage of Vehicles
The daily usage/trip details of equipments and vehicles can be entered into the system on a regular basis. This is to keep track of the Hours worked by the Equipments/Vehicles for each Project (Hired by Clients or Own Projects) so that the cost towards each project will be known based on a fixed hourly rate for each vehicle/equipment. In case of transport companies, the invoicing towards trips could be made.

Fuel Consumption
It is essential to keep track of the fuel consumption by each vehicle/equipment in order to analyse the fuel efficiency. For this purpose fuel utilization details could be entered and analysis reports generated based on the hours/kilometers run.

Fuel Efficiency
Fuel efficiency reports could be generated for a given period for vehicles/equipments. It will show the Standard KPL/HPL as well as the actual KPL/HPL and the variance percentage.

Workshop Job Card
This is to keep track of various jobs undertaken by the workshop and to record its work progress and status. All transactions pertaining to a job shall be entered in the job card. This includes various services carried out, spare parts issues for the job, any other material used for the job, any additional expenses incurred towards that job etc.

Job Analysis Reports

* Job Status Report
* Pending Jobs Report
* Vehicle wise service history report
* Job Costing Report

Preventive Maintenance
The preventive maintenance requirements for each of vehicles (on fixed intervals of Kilometers run or Hours worked) could be entered into the system to schedule the maintenance activities.

Tyre Replacement
Besides the job card and preventive maintenance entry options, the tyre replacement is tracked separately.

Movement Reports
Based on the Daily Vehicle usage entries, various analysis reports can be provided. This could include:

* Daily Vehicle/Equipment Movement Report
* Detailed Report for a specific Vehicle/Equipment.
* Vehicle/Equipment Positioning Report – Showing the status of vehicles/equipments on the specified Date and Time.

Issue/Return of Vehicles
While the vehicles are used by staff or other persons, proper records on the issue and return details are required. This will help in fixing responsibility in case of accidents, fine, excess fuel consumption etc.

Accidents and Fine
This registers the accidents occurred and/or fines on vehicles. The history of accidents/fine will be available. Together with the Issue/Return register it will be possible to fix the responsibility for frequently transferred vehicles.
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