ProMIS Modules  
  Financial Accounting
ProMIS provides a comprehensive solution to accounting requirements of the organization. It Includes General Ledger, Receivables & Payables, Aging Reports, Cost Centre Analysis, Bank Reconciliation, PDC Management, Credit Limits, Financial Statements etc.

Inventory Control
Manages inventory and keeps track of material receipts, issues, transfers, replacement, consumption and adjustment entries. Supports multiple store locations, transfer between locations, stock aging, stock ledger, finished goods entry through production vouchers, stock status reports and re-order levels.

Purchase Order Processing
Automates the entire purchase process from purchase requisition to material receipt. Incorporates purchase requests, purchase order preparation, goods receipt note, short delivery handling, back orders, and purchase returns.

Sales Order Processing
Implements a complete workflow to streamline the sales process. Incorporates Quotations, Sales Orders, Delivery Orders, Invoicing and analysis reports.

HR & Payroll
Keep track of up-to-date employee details, automates the payroll process, prints payslips, monthly payroll and bank transfer statement, tracks salary revision history, Provides expiry status reports for employee documents, Employee benefits calculation, Loans & advances management.

Attendance and Overtime tracking, Leave management, Project/Job wise Payroll cost analysis.

Document Management
Manages the documents within the organization. It provides a convenient way for the classification, entry, scanning, search, retrieval and access control for the documents.

Fixed Asset Management
Manages assets, calculates depreciation, provides asset schedules and depreciation reports for a period.

Project Cost Analysis
Provides comprehensive analysis of the cost incurred towards projects and determines the overall profitability.

Cost Centre Analysis
The built-in Project/Cost Centre analysis feature provides a two-way analysis to track the income and expenses towards cost centres and projects. It is necessary to mention the project or cost centre related with each transaction.

Allows to set budgets for each account head and provides report showing the budgeted, actual and variance. 

Educational Info System
(for Colleges/Schools/Institutes)
Comprehensive system for Educational institutions with Student database, Registration, Admission, Fees Processing, Receipts, Integration with Financial Accounting, Student Ledger, Time Table, Attendance, Assignments, Grading & Transcript and Library modules. Provides seamless integration between the academic and backend modules.

Filling Station Accounting
Manages the daily control sheet, fuel stock, dip stock, meter reading, fuel & lubricants sales, coupon sales etc.

Practice Management
Suitable for Professional firms including Legal/Audit/Consultancy firms etc. - Client Information, Projects, Staff Assignment, Timesheets, Invoicing based on projects/time utilization.

Fleet Management
Automates the Vehicle information, Movement analysis, Fuel consumption monitoring, Workshop Job Card and maintenance Job profitability analysis.

Suitable for dealers in equipment & machinery. Provides Product Warranty/AMC management, Product service history, Service calls and support monitoring, Product Maintenance information, Service Engineer Performance, Time analysis, Spares/Parts cost analysis, Invoicing.

Readymix/Concrete Production
Customized for the Readymix industry - Includes Order booking, Delivery planning & vehicle availability, Production, Delivery Order, Vehicle gate pass and return, Invoicing.

Clinic Information System
Keeps track of the patients information, diagnosis & lab test results, invoicing, preparation of various reports for the ministry.

Tiles & Marble Production
Marble Production in Quarry, Processing, Packing List, Delivery Order.

Food Processing Management
Designed for food processing companies and includes Production norms for the products, Final & intermediate product tracking, Bulk/Loose stock tracking and Sales Analysis. 
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