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  Time Attendance  
  ProMIS Time Attendance Solution is a customized device-independent solution providing interface with time attendance machines.

It captures raw data from the data file provided by device manufacturer and process it based on the rules, policies and procedures defined by the organization and produce analysis reports and optionally post the data to ProMIS HR & Payroll system for payroll processing.

The implementation can be as an independent system for Time Attendance analysis for it can be integrated with ProMIS Software to generate comprehensive HR & Payroll reports.

Processing Data
The data processing involves several steps.
In the first step, it extracts data from the time attendance device and stores in the database. In the next step, data alidation is done based on the pre-defined criteria. Further processing like Marking absent employees, Overtime Authorization, Leave Authorization, Shift assignment, Identifying incomplete records etc. are required to ensure correctness and integrity of the data. Once the data is completely verified and corrected, it can be posted by Administrator to generate analysis reports.

Master Data
The master entry screen include Brach, Department, Designation, Employee, Grade, Section, Shift, Attendance and Leave Type, Holidays etc.

Posting Records
The Process Records routine verifies the data and carries out calculations such as overtime and identifies incomplete records etc.

The Update Records routine posts the verified data. The remaining records to be posted will be shown as pending in ‘Update Records’ screen. Only posted data will be used for generating reports.

Incomplete Records

The incomplete records will be listed in this screen. This could be records with missing information. For example, the ‘In Time’ may be entered but ‘Out Time’ may be missing or vice versa. The authorized users could make the corrections in the data and post them so that it will be included in the report processing.

Overtime Authorization
The system calculates overtime based on the shift assignment and time punched through the device. However it is necessary that the supervisor users must verify and approve the same for using this overtime data for processing.

Leave Authorization
Leave entries should be marked in the system so that those days will not be considered as absent or incomplete.

Leave Exception
There could be instances that the employee joined duty and punched in the device but in the system he may be still marked as on leave. It is necessary to rectify such issues.  

Shift Assignment
Assigns the shift for employees for a specified period.

Comprehensive Reporting
The system incorporates comprehensive analysis reports on time attendance.
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