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  Sample Reports
College Information System

1.Master Settings Report

1.1 .  Batches-List of all batches in the college

1.2 Semesters-List of all semesters in the college

1.3 Courses For Bach- List All courses for different batches

2. Fees Related Reports

2.1.  Fees Status Report �

Shows the total fees each student has to pay in each semester, how much amount already paid, balance amount, concession if any etc.

2.2.   Fees Receipt report � fees invoice report

2.3.   Invoices Paid Student Summary

2.4.   Caution Deposit Status report

2.5.   Fees Adjustments & Refunds - Detailed Report

2.6.   Fees Receipt Detailed report

2.7.   Fees receipt �List (Summary)

2.8.  Fees Receipts Account wise Detailed (Related to Financial)

2.9.  Fees Receipts Account wise Summary (Related to Financial)

2.10. Hostel Fees Payment Status

2.11. Receipt reversal note

2.12. Total Fees Received from student

2.13. Students Fees Transaction Report  

3.Student�s List

3.1. Student list All-List of all students

3.2. Student list Discontinued

3.3. Student list ongoing

3.4. List of students in hostel

3.5. Student list with address & Phone no.

3.6. List of Sponsored Students

4.Ministry Invoicing 

4.1.  Ministry Invoice-Invoice to ministry

4.2.   Ministry invoice list

5.Academic Reports

5.1.   Academic Transcript

5.2.   Student�s Mark-Grade Sheet-Mark & its grade report

5.3.   Student Progress Chart (Bar)

5.4.   Student Progress Chart (Line)

5.5.   Student's Attendance Sheet-List of student registered for a course.

5.6.  Absent Students Detailed report

5.7  Absent Students Percentage report (Absent % report for  each student for each course)

6.Time Table

6.1.   Batch Wise Timetable

6.2.  Module Wise Timetable

6.3..  Teacher Timetable-detailed

6.4.  Classroom wise Timetable

6.5.  Student Timetable

Sample Reports
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