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  Purchase Order Processing  
  Procurement of correct quantity of items at right time and price ensures increased profitability and optimum inventory levels. ProMIS Purchase Order Processing module is designed to make procurement hassle free. It is closely integrated with the Inventory Control module.

Purchase Workflow

The system automates the entire purchase process from purchase requisition to material receipt. It incorporates the authorization and approval at various levels, comparison of supplier quotations, purchase order preparation, goods receipt note, short delivery handling, back orders, purchase returns, seamless integration with General Ledger and Accounts Payable.
The standard process includes:
 Material Requisitions
  • Material Requisitions
  • Verify stock availability
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt
  • Material Issues
However the workflow may vary based on the actual procedures followed by the user. We take care of these requirements and customize the system accordingly

Supplier Database

Supplier information including the address and contact details, persons, payment terms etc. can be entered into the system. If rate rate contracts are available from suppliers, the price list could be entered so that it will be used while preparing the purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

The material requisitions received are verified for stock availability and Purchase Order is prepared by consolidating the actual requirement. Supplier quotations can be compared to prepare the PO. Multiple approval levels can be setup for Purchase orders.

In case of purchases against specific projects, the material as per LPO could be issued and value debited directly to the project.

Stock Data

The system provides comprehensive reports on the stock status. The re-order levels could be utilized to trigger an alert when an item need to be procured.

Key Features:

* Multi-location purchases
* Multiple approval levels based on workflow
* Alerts and Exception reports on pending status of various activities.
* Requisitions pending to be ordered
* Purchase Orders pending for delivery or partially delivered
* Back Orders against pending Purchase Orders
* Delivery Orders pending for invoicing
* Accounts Payable tracking - integrated with Financial Accounting module
* Customization of Purchase Order print format
* Single Point Data Entry - with option to download data from Requisitions to Purchase Orders, Purchase Orders to GRVs etc.
* Purchase returns and creation of debit notes
* Re-order level alert and report
* Supplier Quotation comparison
* Purchase reconciliation (GRVs against Bills posted to GL)
* Net stock status considering the present stock, LPOs pending and Sales Orders pending
* Last purchase information
* Listing of previous purchases
* Total yearly purchases for the item
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