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  ProMIS.Net is our web based solution enabling the organizations to implement efficient and cost-effective ERP solutions.The implementation could be based in Intranet, Web, Cloud models.

ProMIS.Net is a complete web based ERP solution with modules including Finance, HR & Payroll, Sales & Purchase processes, Inventory, Asset Management and much more.
It can be implemented as a customized solution according to the specific organizational requirements.
The implementation models for ProMIS.Net could be Intranet, Web or Cloud/hosted etc.
Intranet model is suitable for organizations planning to move on to a web based system in future, but currently need the system within the corporate LAN. It could be hosted to Web in future when required.
In the Web model dedicated/shared web server could be setup.
As a Cloud/hosted solution, ProMIS.Net is significantly cost-effective.
No software is required in client PCs other than a standard web browser like Internet Explorer and a fast internet connection.
ProMIS.Net can be implemented as individual modules. This will enable the companies to start using a web based system with core functionality initially and scale up the system by incorporating other modules in a later date.
A clear advantage of the ProMIS.Net ERP solution is that remote users can access the software from anywhere with a browser, which is much more convenient than going through the hassles of installing the system on each Desktop and Laptop and setting up VPN and Terminal Services.
Employees in remote sites or traveling overseas can easily access and update the required information in real-time.
We will manage the hosted solutions and provide maintenance, support, and upgrading services.
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