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Financial Accounting
ProMIS Financial Accounting Financial Accounting is the core of any business organization as it provides an insight to the financial performance. ProMIS is designed to integrate the financial transactions across all operational modules and this enables comprehensive financial analysis and reporting. It provides all necessary accounting reports and statements for an organization.

Financial Vouchers

The standard vouchers include journal vouchers, receipts, bank payment and petty cash vouchers, credit invoices, cash memos, cash/credit purchases debit/credit notes, contra entries etc. The print formats could be customized as per the user requirements and additional vouchers could be added depending upon operational requirements.

Accounts Receivable

The timely collection of the receivables is important to ensure smooth cash flow. ProMIS provides the tools required for monitoring the invoices due for collection. The summary report of receivables provides the overall receivable aging status. The invoices could be marked as settled based on receipts. Alerts, Customer wise reports, statement of accounts, payment reminders etc. are also handy when it comes to debt collection.

Accounts Payable

Proper bills handling avoids wrong, duplicate or early payments. The alerts and the summary report of payables provides a clear view picture of future payments due. The credit limit/period offered by the suppliers determines the actual due date. The bills could be knocked off based on the payment vouchers. Detailed supplier wise reports and statements could be generated.

PDC Management

It is essential to keep track of the post dated cheques issued to suppliers to ensure enough funds in the bank account. Similarly, the PDCs received should be presented to bank in time to receive the funds. The PDC module enables the users to record both incoming and outgoing PDCs, issue PDC vouchers, generate automatic alerts, convert the PDCs to formal vouchers upon clearing.

Project/Cost Centre Analysis

The built-in Project/Cost Centre analysis feature provides a two-way analysis which enables the users to track the income and expenses towards jobs/projects and also cost centres. It is possible to mention the project or cost centre related with each transaction.

Key Features:

* Reports generated for any period within the Financial Year
* Chart of Accounts with tree view
* Customer information, Business card scanning
* Receivable/Payable Aging reports and graphical representation
* Statement of Accounts
* Account Status reports
* General Ledger
* Balance Sheet
* Profit/Loss Account
* Trial Balance
* Schedules
* Bank Reconciliation Statement
* Drill down to vouchers for GL, TB, P&L and Balance Sheet
* Previous year/month figures in P&L and Balance Sheet
* Payment reminders
* Alerts for Credit Period/limit
* Recurring JVs
* Auto JVs
* Cheque Printing
* Cheque returns and adjustment of bills
* Ratio Analysis
* Cash Flow Analysis
* PDC due alerts
* Conversion of PDCs upon clearing
* Optional multi-currency
* Daily Bank Status
* Month wise Ledger Analysis
* Built-in Project/Cost Centre feature
* Income/Expenses analysis for Projects/Cost Centres
* Project Contribution Analysis
* Letter of Credit
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