ProMIS ERP is ideal for organizations planning to implement enterprise wide solutions to integrate and automate overall business functions. ProMIS ERP can be customized as per the organizational requirements.

We believe that each company has its own way of functioning and the information systems should be designed to be exactly suitable their business activities. Since the design and development of ProMIS is in-house, we are capable of modifying the ERP system as per the existing business procedures and practices followed by the client without redefining them completely. This will ensure smooth conversion from the existing system to the ProMIS ERP system.

The standard ERP implementation includes the following modules:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • HR & Payroll
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Budgeting

Depending upon the industry type and operational requirements, specific modules may be required.

Trading  : companies will require a comprehensive solution to handle the Sales activities. Hence for such implementations we offer a Sales Order Processing module in addition to the standard modules mentioned above. The operational procedures are different in case of pure B2B transactions and B2C. Besides this the implementation for Retail segment will have unique features.

Contracting  :
For contracting companies involved in the Supply & Installation of goods and services need to estimate the cost involvement in material, manpower and overheads accurately before quoting for Jobs/Projects, monitor the ongoing projects and to conduct a post implementation analysis. Our Project Costing module with the Work/Job Order Processing is designed to offer this functionality.

Construction  : Construction companies will require a Project Estimation & Management module to estimate, monitor and analyse the projects.

Equipment/Machinery Dealers

 For Equipment and Machinery dealers, we can offer:

•  Work/Job Order Processing
•  Warranty Management
•  Service/Repair Management

modules in addition to the Sales Order Processing and other standard ERP modules.

Readymix :

Our solutions for Readymix and Concrete industry includes:

• Order Scheduling
• Production Planning
• Delivery Management
• Fleet Management

Legal firms :

The turnover of professional firms depend upon maximizing the billable hours. Hence we offer a complete Practice Management Solution with:
• Clients & Cases Management
• Employee Timesheets
• Time Billing
• Performance Analysis  which is integrated with accounting.

Key Features:

* Ideal for Medium to Large companies
* Company wide operations can be integrated
* Selected modules could be implemented
* Scalable system
* In-house developed
* The ERP could be customized to suit the workflow
* Financial Accounting integrated with all operational modules
* Complete supply chain integrated with Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing
* HR & Payroll module with Timesheet Management
* Multi Location Inventory
* Drill down features in Trial balance, Profit and Loss, Balance sheet and General Ledger
* Built in Cost Centre and Project analysis
* Receivable/Payable Aging reports and graphical representation
* Sales Budgeting
* PDC Processing and alerts
* Comprehensive Alert system with Alerts for document expiry, Credit period/limits etc. which can be extended for other events
* Approvals in different levels within the workflow customized as per the organizational requirements
* Document Management module with option to Scan and save office documents.
* Search documents on keywords
* Bank reconciliation Statement
* User Level Passwords
* Menu Level access permissions
* Audit Trail
* Email & SMS integration for alerts and messages
* Web Enabled features
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