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Document Management  
The ProMIS Office Document Management System (DMS) provides an integrated solution to manage the documents within the organization. The system provides a convenient way for the classification, search and retrieval.

Document Repository:
 The document repository contains master information regarding various types of documents and media available within the organization. The documents can be the scanned images of paper documents, electronic documents, physical records in paper format etc.

Media Database
Besides documents, it can include any other media which the organization wants to keep track. It can be Books, CD-ROMs, Audio/Video Tapes, Drawings, Maps, Catalogs, Samples etc.

Document Details
The details can include the Document Title, Description, Keywords, Owner, Date, Document Number, Expiry date if it is valid only for a specific period and Image name if scanned image is available.

Imaged Documents
The large volumes of paper documents available in an organization can be converted to digital images in various formats like PDF/JPG/TIF etc. The system enables the user to categorize these imaged documents to meaningful categories and provide titles, keywords and other searchable information for easy retrieval on a later date based on specific criteria.
 ProMIS provides a scanning interface or it can be integrated with the solutions provided by third party MFPs (Multi-Funcational Printers) to access the imaged documents and register them in the document repository automatically.

Documents need to be categorized as required. For example, documents can be classified as Company documents, Employee documents, Asset related documents etc. It could be further Sub grouped based on the nature of the document like Invoices, LPOs, Quotations, Agreements etc. User can define the document categories and sub categories as required.

Physical Documents
There can be paper documents physically available in the organization which cannot be converted to digital format due to regulatory or archival requirements. In that case the Records Management add-on module can be used to manage them. This allows to store details regarding the document including ownership, due dates in case of documents to be renewed etc. and also manages the movement within or beyond the organization through issue/return transactions.

Expiry Reports
Expiry reports could be generated category/group wise as on any specified date showing the documents due for expiry on or before that date.

While renewing expired documents, the renewed document details can be entered and marked against the parent document.

Document Search and Retrieval
Users will be able to search for a particular document or group of documents various criteria. It can be based on the Document Group/Sub Group, Document Title, Keywords, Author, Creation Date etc. Thumbails of the documents will appear on screen and users can easily view the image by clicking it to open them using the associated programs in Windows. (The preferred format for storing documents is PDF eventhough it can be other formats like JPG, TIF etc.)
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