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Project Costing  
Project Costing features in ProMIS provides comprehensive analysis of the cost incurred towards projects and determines the overall profitability. It is closely integrated with other modules including Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Sales & Purchase Order Processing, HR & Payroll.
 The Steps involved in the estimation and execution of projects varies in the case of

Construction Projects
Service oriented Projects (Supply & Installation)

However the normal cost components can be classified as Manpower, Material and Overheads. Cost towards Plant & Machinery utilization, Sub Contracts etc. may be analyzed separately or as part of Overheads...

Construction Projects

The project analysis may start right from Estimation or at the Project Execution stage after order confirmation. Estimation is done based on the material requirements, manpower estimates and also the overheads anticipated during project period. During the project execution, the cost of material, manpower utilization, overheads are calculated from Inventory, Timesheet, Accounting modules respectively. Overall project cost, BOQ Vs Material Issues etc. are available.

Supply & Installation Projects

Companies engaged in these activities requires a Work Order Processing system starting with project based quotations. The final cost of each task in the quote is arrived from the material, consumables, manpower and other costs involved. Work order is generated from quotation with detailed BOQ and task details. Quantity analysis of Materials against the BOQ is given to ensure that it is as per the project estimate. Invoicing is based on the phases fixed in work order as per the completion of individual tasks

Manpower costing

Timesheet module tracks the project manpower utilization. This enables the user to generate the project wise break-up of Employee cost in each month or for the entire project span.

Material Costing

Inventory module provides the Material Issues to Projects which can be used to track the material utilized for each project. The Summary Report of Material Issues clearly shows the total material cost incurred towards each project in the specified period.

Project Income/Expense Analysis - Reports showing the Income generated as well as expenses incurred towards projects.

Project Exception Reports - To list the FA Vouchers where the Project allocation was not entered properly.

Project Contribution analysis - Contribution from projects towards turnover.

Task Management

The various tasks in the job can be scheduled and allocated to the staff. This can be monitored regularly to assure the efficiency of utilization of the manpower against the job.

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