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College System .Net Add-on
  Web enabling the information systems in Colleges and other Educational Institutions is necessary to have online registration, enquiry handling and publishing student reports online. ProMIS College System .Net Add-on is designed and developed to provide this functionality.

The .Net Add-on can be implemented as an application integrated with the existing software solutions in place to manage student database.

The Process
Students can post enquiries and registration requests in web portal and the .Net Add-on can download the online data at pre-defined intervals. It has a two-tier data structure and the downloaded data will be stored in the local database. This data will be updated to the main server based on the specific policies and procedures. The actual processing of the requests could be carried out in the main system. The processed data could be downloaded from the Server and uploaded to the portal for online access.

Student Portal
It is easy to publish student details to the portal which can be accessed by students and parents based on a secure login. The important factor is that the College can decide what should be published online and when.

Online access can be provided for:
* Admission Process
* Attendance Status
* Report card
* Assignments
* Exam Schedule
* Library Book Search etc.

Key Features:

* Enable the Colleges to implement online enquiries and registrations.
* Online student portal could be integrated with in-house student database.
* Closely integrated with ProMIS College Information System.
* Can be integrated with existing and third party applications. (by establishing appropriate dataflow among applications).
* Implementation as an independent application is possible.
* SMS & Email integration for alerts, reminders and group messages.
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