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  Readymix/Concrete Production  
  ProMIS ERP Solution for Readymix/Concrete industry incorporates the following specific modules:
• Order Scheduling
• Production Planning
• Delivery Management
• Fleet Management
  This is integrated with the standard ERP modules including:
• Financial Accounting
• Inventory Control
• Purchase Order Processing
• HR & Payroll
• Fixed Asset Management
• Budgeting

Order Scheduling
Confirmed Sales Orders can be entered into the system with detailed schedule for order fulfillment. Multiple delivery dates and locations could be specified. The Order process incorporates the Sales Order Approval at two levels. This is customizable and the user could opt skip the approval procedure itself during implementation.

Delivery Planning
Delivery planning is carried out for each item in the Sales Order. This is based on the delivery schedules as per the Sales Order and availability of vehicles for delivery. This includes a comprehensive logistics planning considering the available vehicles and the Cycle time required for the vehicles for the delivery. Cycle Time includes the complete time required for the round trip for a vehicle from filling the material from the factory and delivering it at client site and returning back to the yard.

Production Planning
Based on the Delivery Plan, the Factory Manager will be able to plan the production for each day in advance. This will enable efficient capacity utilization.

Production Vouchers
Each batch of production could be entered into the system through production vouchers. This includes specifying the product produced along with quantity and the system determines the raw materials they will be consumed for that production. This is based on the production norms specified for each product.

Production Norms
Production Norms provide the option to specify the raw materials required for each final product produced in the factory. When the production voucher is entered, the raw material consumption will be taken based on the norms. This is required because considering the nature of the business, it may not be practical to exactly measure and enter the raw materials used each time.

Material Delivery
The delivery of material is based on the production. Since it production is scheduled as per the delivery plan, the availability of vehicles are confirmed.

The product will be filled in the truck and the Delivery Order will be printed and handed over to the driver.

Gate Pass Control

Gate Pass will be issued alongwith the Delivery Order and the trip start time will be mentioned. The Gate Pass functions as an effective control for monitoring the movement of vehicles. The Vehicle Return entry closes the Gate Pass and tags the vehicle as available for delivery.  
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