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HR & Payroll  
Human Resources is a key factor in ensuring operational efficiency and thereby controls the profitability of an organization. It is essential to manage the HR properly by keeping track of up-to-date employee details, timely payment of salary and benefits, loans and advances recoveries, monitoring the time utilization, attendance and resource allotment etc.

HR Administration

The system allows to keep track of the labour clearances received, appointment of employees and visa issued to the employees appointed. The employee joining information ensures the visa utilization. Status reports on labour clearance, appointments and visa are available.

Employee Information

Employee details including the position, contact details, compensation package, leave salary/gratuity/air ticket terms, dependents details, passport/visa/resident card/driving license details etc. can be entered into the system.

Employee Benefits

Employee terminal benefits like Leave Salary, Gratuity and Air Ticket will be calculated based on the terms defined for individual employees.

Leave Management

The leave availed by employees could be monitored efficiently and a Leave Register with details could be generated. There could be various types of leave like Casual, Annual, Medical, Special etc. The impact of leave on the salary and benefits could be defined.

Time Sheets

In case of project based operations, the timesheets can be entered to calculate the total manpower utilized on a monthly basis and cost involved. The entry of timesheet could be hourly, daily or monthly based on the company’s operations.

Payroll Preparation

Monthly payroll preparation is a simplified task with ProMIS system which takes care of the salary revisions posted to system, the attendance and overtime information from timesheets, contract expiry and recovery scheduled against loans. Prepares Payroll statement, Pay slips, Bank transfer statement etc. Auto JVs could be generated to post the payroll data to GL based on pre-defined accounts.

Key Features:

* Employee Control Panel allows to access various information related with employees.
* Alerts and reports on expiry status of employee documents like Passport, Visa, Resident Card etc.
* Incorporates employee photos
* Labour clearance and Visa utilization and cancellation
* Employee specific compensation and benefits setup
* Salary revision from a particular month
* Leave Management with re-joining and extension of leave
* Dependents details
* Employee dues tracking
* Monthly payroll preparation
* Pay slip generation
* Pay sheet generation
* Denomination analysis
* Bank transfer statement and soft copy
* Project wise salary/benefit analysis based on Timesheet
* Attendance & Overtime calculation
* Arrears calculation
* Salary posting to GL
* Leave Salary, Gratuity calculation
* End of service benefits
* Loans & advances - deduction in pre-defined installments
* Optional integration with Time Attendance devices
* Monthly posting of Provisions and benefits to GL.
* Loan Approval process - Loan requisition, approval, payment, recovery installment setup and deduction.
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