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  Sample Reports
  Financial Accounting


  1. Account Heads List :

Chart of Account Heads in the 3 level groups.

  1. Account Status Report :

Summary status of  all accounts for a period showing the opening balance, total credit/debit transactions for the given period & closing balance for the period. The report is grouped in 3 levels.

  1. Customer Report:

The extract of Customers only from the Account Status Report.

  1. Supplier Report:

The extract of Suppliers only from the Account Status Report. >

  1. Profit/Loss:

5.1.  Detailed

5.2.  Summary

  1. Balance Sheet:

6.1.  Detailed

6.2.  Summary

  1. Trial Balance:

7.1. Opening

7.2. Closing - Detailed

7.3. Closing - Summary

  1. Schedules:

Schedules for each group of accounts from the Trial balance. This can  be taken with or without opening balance for a period.

  1. General Ledger :

View & print of General Ledger for a period.

9.1.   Ledger

  1. Month wise Analysis

The month wise break up of Ledger transactions for each account with subgroups. 

  1. Aging Reports:

The status & aging of the pending bills/invoices from the suppliers and customers. One set of reports are included in this option as follows:                       

11.1      > Suppliers aging detailed

11.2      Customers aging detailed

11.3      Summary of Payables

11.4      Summary of Receivables

11.5      Receipts against invoices

11.6     Unadjusted Transactions

 The reports can be taken for a single party also. 

  1. Bank Reconciliation Statement

Reconciling the bank transactions with current bank balance

  1. Journal Vouchers

13.1    Journal Vouchers

13.2    Journal Vouchers - List

  1. Credit Invoice

14.1    Invoice print

14.2    Credit Invoices summary Report

  1. Cash Memos

15.1  Cash Memo Print

15.2  Cash Memo Summary Report

  1. Bank Receipts

16.1  Bank Receipt voucher

16.2  Bank Receipts Report

  1. Cash Receipts

17.1  Cash Receipt Voucher

17.2  Cash Receipts Report

  1. Cash Purchases

18.1 Cash Purchase Voucher

  1. Credit bills

19.1 Credit Bills Voucher

  1. Bank Payments

20.1  Bank Payment Voucher

20.2  Bank Payments Report

  1. Cash Payments

21.1 Cash payments Voucher

21.2. Cash Payments Report

  1. Petty Cash Payments

22.1 Petty Cash Payment Voucher

22.2. Petty Cash Payment List 

  1. Debit Notes

23.1 Debit Note Voucher

                        23.2 Debit Notes List 

  1. Credit Notes

24.1 Credit Note Voucher

24.2   Credit notes List

  1. PDC Vouchers

Tracking the PDCs which can be cleared during payment/Receipt transactions. 

25.1 PDC Voucher (Issued)

25.2 PDC Issues Report

25.3 PDC Voucher (Received)

25.4 PDC Receipts Report

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