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is ideal for organizations planning to implement enterprise wide solutions to integrate and automate various functions. The ERP system could be customized to suit the workflow and operational procedures within the organization and can be integrated with various business modules.

ProMIS Business Suite
is for companies with a small number of users to computerize their operations at a lower cost with required functionality without implementing a full fledged ERP solution.

ProMIS College Information System
offers comprehensive solution for Educational institutions to automate their operations from student registration to final transcript preparation and also backend operations including accounting and administration.

ProMIS Practice Management System
targets Professional, Legal and Consultancy firms to manage their assignments efficiently and to ensure proper billing and productivity analysis.

is our web based solution enabling the users to take full advantage of cloud computing.

College System .Net Add-on
Web enabling the information systems in Colleges and other Educational Institutions is necessary to have online registration, enquiry handling and publishing student reports online. ProMIS College System .Net Add-on is designed and developed to provide this functionality. The .Net Add-on can be implemented as an application integrated with the existing software solutions in place to manage student database.
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