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  ProMIS Business    Suite  
  ProMIS Business Suite is suitable for smaller companies to computerize their operations at a lower cost without implementing a full fledged ERP solution.

The Business Suite incorporates the normal requirements for any business including:

* Financial Accounting
* Inventory Control
* Purchase Order Processing
* Sales Order Processing
* HR & Payroll
* Timesheets
* Fixed Asset Managementnt
* Budgeting
* Office Document Management

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting module includes General Ledger, Receivables & Payables, Aging Reports, Cost Centre Analysis, Bank Reconciliation, PDC Management, Credit Limits, Financial Statements etc. Any other module like Inventory, Payroll etc. can be directly linked with General Ledger and necessary financial accounting statements can be generated.

Inventory Control

Manages inventory and keeps track of material receipts, issues, transfers, replacement, consumption and adjustment entries. Supports multiple store locations, transfer between locations, Item groups and sub groups, stock aging, stock ledger, finished goods entry through production vouchers, stock status reports, re-order levels.

Purchase Order Processing

Automates the purchase process by incorporating purchase requisition, LPO preparation and Goods Receipt entry. Reports on pending LPOs and Requisitions could be generated beside the detailed registers.

Sales Order Processing

Includes the complete sales process with Quotations, Sales Orders, Delivery Orders, Invoices etc.

Employee Register

Manages employee information, provides expiry reports for employees & dependents passport, visa, labour card, ID Card and driving license.

Payroll & Benefitsits

Automates the payroll process, Prints payslips, monthly payroll and bank transfer statement, Tracks salary revision history, Employee benefits calculation, Loans & advances management.


Attendance and Overtime tracking, Leave management, Project/Job wise Timesheets, Project/Job wise Payroll cost analysis.


Allows to set budgets for each account head and provides report showing the budgeted, actual and variance

Fixed Asset Managementent

Manages assets, calculates depreciation, provides asset schedules and depreciation reports for a period.

Project/Cost Centre

The built-in Project/Cost Centre analysis feature provides a two-way analysis which enables the users to track the income and expenses towards jobs/projects and also cost centres. It is possible to mention the project or cost centre related with each transaction.

Office Document Management
It provides a convenient method to scan office documents and store details for search and retrieval.

Key Features:
* Suitable for smaller companies
* Number of users 1 to 6
* Comprehensive software solution at affordable cost
* Selected modules could be implemented
* MS-Access database
* Dedicated Server not required
* Comprehensive Financial Accounting solution
* Sales/Purchase processess
* HR & Payroll with Timesheets
* Built-in Project/Cost Centre analysis
* Fixed Asset Management module
* Multi-location inventory
* Location wise Stock reports
* Reports generated for any period within the Financial Year
* Chart of Accounts with tree view
* Customer information, Business card scanning
* Receivable/Payable Aging reports and graphical representation
* General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss Account, Trial Balance and Schedules
* Bank Reconciliation Statement
* Drill down to vouchers for GL, TB, P&L and Balance Sheet
* Previous year/month figures in P&L and Balance Sheet
* Payment reminders
* Alerts for Credit Period/limit
* PDC due alerts
* Month wise Ledger Analysis
* Sales and Gross Profit analysis reports
* Expiry tracking of employee documents
* Scan and save office documents
* Search documents on keywords
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