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  ProMIS provides Budgeting Module which enables the users to prepare Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/ Annual Budgets.

The Budget can be prepared for the complete organization or for the Individual Cost Centres.

ProMIS analyzes the budget for Previous year, Current Year & Next Year. So Comparison Reports can be generated.

Budget Setup

Master setup to Create/Edit/View the Budget.

Budget Entry

Entry of Budget details for the Income/Expense accounts. Here the Account can be selected, Budget can be prepared for Current or Next year. Budget Mode can be Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annually.

If the budget amount is given it is automatically allocated in the respective months.

Budget Report

Provides detailed Budget Report including the budget figures for each account head and totals for each account group.

Budget Analysis (Budget with Actual)

A Budget analysis report is generated considering the budget figures and the actual figures directly from the general Ledger. The report shows the Budgeted figure, Cumulative Budget figures till the report month, Cumulative expenses till the report month, Balance/Excess in the budget and % of Budget Utilization.
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