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  Library Management System  
  ProMIS Library Management System automates the regular operations in a Library including maintaining a digital catalogue of books and other resources, managing members database and issue/return transactions, reminders, book search, reserve in advance etc.

Library Resources
The system allows to manage a comprehensive catalogue of books and other resources.

Category Master allows to define the categories of resources including Books, Journals, CDs, Maps, Audio/Video tapes, Drawings etc.
Subjects Master allows to define subjects under each category.
Publishers and Authors master information can be stored in the system.

Books Master Entry
 The books master entry screen allows to add books in the library catalogue which will be available for circulation. A unique Book ID will be allocated by the system. The details could include Book Title, Author(s), Publisher, Purchase details, Edition and Year, Keywords for search, Category, Subject and an Abstract of the book.
Book Search
The book search could be based on Title, ISBN No, Keywords, Author, Subject, Publisher or Category with full or partial match options.

Book Status
The circulation status of the book including the issue details are shown in the book master screen.

The Book Issue, Return, Renewal or Reservation can be entered through transaction screen.

Rules regarding issue and return of books like the maximum number of books, holding period, fine calculation for returns overdue, renewal rules etc. could be configured in the system. Reminders could be emailed to members in case of returns overdue.

The Reserve feature allows the members to reserve a book in advance even if the book is in circulation.

Removing books from library, marking them as damaged or suspended, replacing books in case of lost/damaged etc. can be entered.

Key Features:

* Library module could be implemented as an independent system or integrated with ProMIS ERP.
* Resources in the library could be categorized as Books, Journals, CDs, Maps, Audio/Video tapes etc.
* Categories could be further classified into Subjects.
* Maintains a digital catalogue of books and other resources.
* Members database could be integrated with existing databases of Employees, Students etc. to avoid duplication.
* Comprehensive search feature to find books and resources
* Option to reserve books in advance
* Email reminders in case of book returns overdue
* Barcode integrated

Optional Features:

 * Web integration to publish book catalogue to enable online search.
* Reserve books online.
* Renew borrowings online.
* Repository of digital books/documents and online delivery.
* SMS for overdue book returns and renewals.
* SMS on availability of reserved books.
* RFID integration
* Scan and attach front and back covers of books with the catalogue.
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