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  Project Costing

The reports can be taken based on Projects as well as Cost Centres. The reports give information about income/expense analysis in different levels.

Project wise Reports 

1.      Project wise Income analysis -Detailed

2.      Project wise Income Analysis – Summarized on Accounts

3.      Project wise Income Analysis – Summary

4.      Project wise Expense analysis – Detailed

5.      Project wise Expense Analysis – Summarized on Accounts

6.      Project wise Expense Analysis – Summary

7.      Project wise Income/Expense Analysis – Detailed

8.      Project wise Income/Expense Analysis – Summarized on Accounts

9.      Project wise Income/Expense Analysis – Grand Summary 

Cost center wise Reports           

1.      Cost Code wise Income/Expense analysis – Detailed

2.      Cost Code wise Income/Expense analysis – Summarized on Accounts

3.       Cost Code wise Income/Expense analysis – Grand Summary

4.      Cost Code wise Income analysis – Detailed

5.      Cost Code wise Income analysis – Summarized on Accounts

6.      Cost Code wise Income analysis – Summary

7.      Cost Code wise Expense analysis – Detailed

8.       Cost Code wise Expense analysis – Summarized on Accounts

9.       Cost Code wise Expense analysis – Summary


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